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Nice shootin son, whats your name? Murphy

Paul Verhoeven’s violent, subversive sci-fi film’s is now regarded as an all-time sci-fi classic and in my modest yet well informed opinion of ’80’s sci-fi classics more than three decades later one of the best movies ever made.., This brill movie certainly rates among one of the most entertaining of this decades brilliant movies of […]

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Total War ~ WWII in the Pacific ~ 1942 ~ 45

Pacific February 1942 – July 1945 Episode 23 – The World At War   Before the start of the war in the Pacific, Japan attacked Peal Harbor, the American military base located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, because America had stopped trade of oil and other materials to Japan. After this surprise attack, […]

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Kennedys 1962 Moon Speech

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Brian Jones Town Massacre

This audio recording below known as the Jonestown Massacre Death Tape ~ FBI No. Q 042  is the last 30 minutes before in Jonestown, Guyana in west Africa on November 18, 1978, nearly 1000, including 200 children who were murdered by the cult,all Americans, brainwashed by the Rev. Jim Jones, who he’d convinced as the […]

1940s Culture United States of America WW2

America & the WW2 Air-war over Europe

The English speaking Allied air-raid bombing of Germany by ’44 reached in excess of 1000 bombers per raid in endless and successive waves, both day and night, in a-all-out total land and air war in Europe post-44. With 1000s and 1000s, both military and non-military, Axis targets attacked and destroyed-a-day in all the occupied territories […]

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Floats like a Butterfly – Stings like a Bee – Mohammad Ali

Muhammad Ali – ‘The Heavy Weight Champion of the World’ beats Sunny Listen to take Boxing’s most prize title in the 6th. round when Ali was still in his early twenties – To become ‘The Heavy Weight Champion of the World’ – Muhammad Ali beats Sunny Listen in the 6th. round at the tender age […]