Raising the American Flag in 1945 during WW2 on captured Japanese Pacific island of Iwo Jima an iconic photo by Joseph Rosenth

Raising the American Flag in 1945 during WW2 on captured Japanese Pacific island of Iwo Jima an iconic photo by Joseph Rosenth Photo source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/
Raising the American Flag in 1945 during WW2 on captured Japanese Pacific island of Iwo Jima an iconic photo by Joseph Rosenth

This iconic photo was taken at the end of WW2 after the American Marine Corps took many days or even weeks on capturing the tiny and remote island in a prelude to the full invasion of mainland Japan.
Causalities inflicted during what was thought to have been a minor skirmish lasting only hours were so high on both sides, the American top brass subsequently, especially after similar experiences elsewhere and later on in this T heater of War.., which were even more horrific not only for the inexperienced Yankee Marine soldiers in witnessing the true horrors of total war, but those all involved.., which was most evident in the War in the Pacific. These American generals (except the likes of Gen. MacArthur, the US general, whom was the victor over the Japs in the Philippines, for no good reason.., a totally evil and insanely insidious man…, whom advised, completely insanely, the then USA President: Truman during the Korean conflict years later to Nuke the whole of bloody China. If the N. Koreans did not surrender to the British and American armies who fought on to a stalemate there in the early 1950s and was relived of his command forthwith by Truman as total nightmare for world and public relations.
General Eisenhower and President Truman (the successor of the WW2 American President Roosevelt~whom after a long fight against crippling polio, died before the end of the Second World War without, sadly, seeing the success he’d so greatly influenced and ensured with the defeat of the Tri~Axis evil alliance, decided to take another less harmful plan than full-scale invasion of mainland Japan.
He proposed after the tests were seen to be a success in the Manhattan project in New Mexico, USA by Oppenheimer and co. (including work done by genius Eisenstein). He saved not only 1,000’s and 1,000’s (OR EVEN MILLIONS!) of American lives, or so they argued, but the whole Japanese nation.
Whom it was thought would never surrender and the entire population, including millions of British and American service personnel in trying persuade both their military die-hard leaders and, insanely brave people. All whom would have preferred to perish or die at the hands of the enemy. Or, as in the case of the larger island of Okinawan a few weeks later, when it took the Americans months to capture (the only real mainland piece of Japan successfully taken by force) kill themselves (every man, woman and child on that island except a handful of civilians whom survived the USA marine corps invasion) for their ‘Holy’ Emperor: Hirohito.
Two nuclear bombs later, amounting to nearly over a million deaths in just two explosions were estimated to have saved 50 – 60 million lives in taking an invasion army, air force and naval fleet of Allied soldiers, airmen and seamen in an attempt to  quell, subjugate and pacify all Japanese resistance. Not only the estimated 100’s, 1,000’s, 10s of 1,000’s 100’s of 1,000’s, or possibly even millions of Americans British and European service personnel fatalities.., But also, most frightful and horrific of all: the deaths of every man, woman and child in Nippon.

Photo source
: https://upload.wikimedia.org/

A New Bob Hope

A Long Time Ago,
In a Galaxy Far Far Away..

Star Wars Episode One has to be in my modest yet rather knowledgeable opinion on this subject matter a classic addition to an extremely well known science fiction masterpiece or set of extremely well put together little dudes or movies of my early childhood to modern day child like continued adoration.


The Cast mostly in order of appearance of the late 1970’s: Star Wars (Episode IV): A New Hope:

C3PO (the very well spoken English speaking protocol droid whom it’s against it’s programming to impersonate a deity or God like genius). R2D2 (the real star of the show). Carrie Fisher as the indomitable and most beautiful tough woman’s liber heroin Princess Lea. Luke Skywalker, supposedly star of show. A swashbuckling, boyish lover boy with magical royal prince-like-charms. Loved by all, the perfect warrior prince and even rather insestually, by his sister (the congruent Oedipus theme throughout all the early Star wars movies). The kiss before completing the most famous scene from Star Wars: A New Hope – the swashbuckling swing scene with his beloved in his arms over a high predispose ravine to safety .., that kiss: ‘for luck’ has now been removed in the digital edited versions!!
So, Luke whom is obviously sexually aroused his twin sister, has to make do with wanking off with his Light-saber. Ha, ha ha!

Next we have and I quote his Dark Lordship:
“Your thoughts Betray you young Skywalker! You have a ‘SSisster??’ Maybe she will turn to the Darkside?”
Bringing us neatly to the multi acted (as 5 actors originally. But 6 or, 7 if you count the later episodes) contributed to His Darkness: Darth Vader. Luke’s father, Anikien Skywalker of Phantom Menace fame.
Darth Vader makes his dramatic entrance in ‘A New Hope’ before our hero and we are introduced to his menace, Lord Vader in the opening scenes on board the diplomatic vessel heading for Alderan. A peaceful planet soon to be mercilessly destroyed by the fully operational DEATH STAR (“..that’s not a moon.., that’s a SPACE-STATION!!”).
Two actors were used for Vader’s body: masked (The UK’s Kids TV star ‘The Green Cross Code Man’ or: Jolly-Green-Giant. And this English dude was a bloody giant! Nearly 7 foot tall! A (UK Kid’s TV star who my younger ‘SSsiter’ met at our local Talke – Kidsgrove, Stoke-on-Trent North Staffordshire UK CO-OP supermarket in the late 70’s). One actor played Vader unmasked: the main actor for Lord Vader. Peak previews were given of Vader unmasked in the first two movies before finally getting to see him in all his darkness in episode VI: The Return of the Jedi (The best movie of all I reckon). One other actor/ vocalist was used for his computer sounding voice. And, yet another actor/ vocalist was used (5 in total for Darth alone in the original trilogy) on his raspy 150 Woodbine cigarettes-a-day breathing!!!

Then, we have Mr. Cool Dude: Han Solo (Harrison Ford’s first ever movie – althou’ not cast originally, was on set at Pinewood Studios in West London, England. Where the 1st movie was mostly filmed with an English film crew. Harrison Ford was on set as a set design Chippy/ Carpenter there. He got the part by de-fault divine-intervention-luck when the director spotted him mucking about back-stage as a real life smuggling-gangster bad-good-guy do-or-die type dude. Which was the beginnings of an extremely successful film star career lasting nearly fifty years present day. And, Chewbacca his side-kick / co-pilot (the walking fuzz ball carpet whom all depends if one closely observes the crucial turning points of the original trilogy).

Then, old Ben ( no! surely?! not old Ben?!) First performed by English Shakespearean legend Alec Guinness whom was perplexed by its strangely significant most memorable performance as he thought his endorsement and acclaim positively last performance a poultry effort as compared to his long list of master class masterpieces under David Leans directing in Dickensian and Shakespearean classics films as laughable in comparison to Lucas and Star Wars.

Ewan McGregor in this, The Phantom Menace movie fails miserably to emulate the master as Obi-1-the-Fogi (as my younger brothers Christened the old man).

For McGregor is Scottish and cannot pronounce English correctly or as well as a professionally trained Shakespearean English orator fight as a samurai based Jedi swordsman or act convincingly in a movie with the badly computer animation but fabulously funny Jah Jah Binks (also flawed and later quietly written out of all other episodes to follow).
The only other flaw, yet crucial and rather pathetic in an otherwise amazingly brilliant return of Lucas’s late 70’s mid 80’s cinematic delights…
Is, if Liam Nesiens brilliant performance as the totally believable immersive Quigon was such a Jedi master of the all seeing Magical power The Force, how then had he not presumed enough or too little and not recognized the hand maiden (played by the now world famous actress of much talent and beauty) a decoy and not Queen Amadela of the Nabu herself?!
A brilliant movie as the child actor and Star of Star Wars episode one The Phantom Menace is truly a fantastic choice as the boy whom it was written is the chosen one whom will bring balance to The Force.