This Weeks 80 Year Commemoration of the Start of WW2

World War Two was the most devastating tragic and desperate fight for freedom in world history ever. The start of the war in Europe is generally held to be 1 September 1939, beginning with the German invasion of Poland; the United Kingdom of Great Britain and France declared war on Germany two days later.

Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Churchill

By Autumn of 1945 the Western democracies and communist East fought and defeated the Axis Triple Alliance of Germany Italy and Japan. A triumphant victory for the Anglo-American English speaking nations as well as the communist Eastern nations against the purely evil armies of the Triple Alliance of the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) in Europe, the Atlantic, North Africa, the Pacific Ocean and Asian territories in a huge and tremendously violent and destructive truly world wide conflict. This week world leaders gather in Poland’s capital, Warsaw to commemorate the start of this extremely bloody conflict on the 1st. of September, 1939. When Great Britain and France declared war on the evil dictator Adolf Hitler and his German Nazi controlled super power war-machine after he invaded Poland 80 years ago this week.
An immense struggle ensued with Britain the only combatant who stood alone against Hitler and Mussolini, the Italian Fascist dictator. After the fall of France in the summer of 1940, Winston Churchill, the British war leader made it his sole aim to defeat the Nazi war machine and Hitler with the defence of our nation in tenacious and defiant British bull dog King Henry Fifths longbows-men Battle of Agincourt Two Fingers taunt to the German bully boy fascist Nazi party and completely racist henchmen pigs and it’s purely evil mastermind; Adolf Hitler who reigned supreme in all Europe at the time, with only Britain and her Empire to stop him.

'The Big Three' - left to right: Churchill - Roosevelt - Stalin at The Yalta Conference circa February, 1945,
‘The Big Three’ – left to right: Churchill – Roosevelt – Stalin at The Yalta Conference circa February, 1945

Churchill’s refusal to capitulate and give in with all around him calling for Appeasement, this tremendously brave Anglo-American British aristocrat and world-class statesman of the highest calibre helped saved Western democracy more than any man back then in the early years of World War Two.

What ensued with American and Russian intervention later in the war with huge economic industrial and military Allied superiority was Total Victory in Europe over Italy and Hitlers Germany. And, Victory over Japan in the Pacific and Asia by August 1945. It remains history’s bloodiest ever conflict and a truly World War which witnessed  the estimated deaths of 70–85 million people largely innocent civilians.

The legendary British Battle of Britain RAF fighter plane The Supermarine Spitfire summer 1940 in WW2

Saving Captain and Private Bennets

Seems there’s more interesting stories in the Newcastle Staffordshire graveyard of Saint Margarets. ..

I stumbled upon this gravestone at the rear of the old ancient cemetery.

Seems we have there a gravestone that records the death of three brothers the Bennet family of Porthill during World War I  (1914 -1918). Two soldiers including Captain Bennet and his younger brother plus a boy of 15 or 16 in 1915.

Looks like their mother Mrs Bennet lost three sons during the First World War or Great War ..looks to me as if the first son may not have been recorded by His Majesty’s Armed Forces as the youngest killed early in 1915 is under age of military service personnel allowed .and like many young men at the outbreak of World War I joined up looking for adventure and glory.

Like my great uncle killed in 1918 serving with the Nottinghamshire Rifle regiment who joined up, maybe like Mrs Bennets youngest son, at 15 years of age.

As falsification of ID was not rigorously controlled by the recruiting officers at the time of the WW1. The Bennets of Porthill Newcastle Staffordshire may have lost three sons.

Captain Bennet towards the end of the war and his younger brother killed on Hill 40 probably during one the of battles of the Ypes salient in Flanders around 1916 -1917. As well as a third under age son possibly their kid brother early in the war in 1914 – 1915.

If so we must acknowledge this sacrifice officially if the history records show this to be so or I’m right in my assumptions? !