Sir Winston Churchill

Churchill on America Britains World War Two Victorious Leader
Portrait of Sir Winston Churchill: Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed to so Few - The embodiment, incarnate.of that indomitable British Bull-dog spirit Which was clearly demonstrated during World War Two
Portrait of Sir Winston Churchill: Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed to so Few – The embodiment, incarnate.of that indomitable British Bull-dog spirit Which was clearly demonstrated during World War Two

Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was a British statesman, army officer, and writer. He was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945, when he led Britain to victory in the Second World War, and again from 1951 to 1955.
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WWW – which witch is wich!?

Elizabethan 16th. C. B&W wooden beamed town house in Nantwich town centre in county Cheshire, England and

As I’ve been confused since high school about this problem in word meanings and similar pronunciation of those particular innocuous in their subtlety words within the English language that sound the same but have several different possible meanings and Spelled ‘quite’  differently, That as a boy, I found quite difficult to master. Which make them quite special. Words like or such as: there, their & they’re etc. ., I’ve decided post this puzzle post.
One example in the Oxford English dictionary is which, witch or, wich.
Which is like whichever. Witch is obviously a female practitioner of witchcraft hocus pocus, magic crystal Halloween BS.
The other word ‘Wich’ is used as a place name as in Nantwich. Middlewich and Northwich (the former home and birthplace of Tim Burgess lead singer of the Madchester 1990s indie rock band The Charlatans). Which are all in the English county of Cheshire. Where it means I think they say has something to do with salt or salt mines near that town. As Cheshire is full of salt mines and salt water lakes and  famously, inland salt water marshes which are brilliant for rare sightings of sea birds inland.

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Ridley Scotts Blade Runner

Based on a novel entitled “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick, a favoured author of the English movie director Ridley Scott, who is the director of this 1982 sci-fi classic, the brilliant movie; Blade Runner.

Filmed in a futuristic cityscape studio set at Pinewood Studios in west London, England, with additional special effects and cut scenes added digitally later. The movie staring Harrison Ford of Han Solo Star Wars fame as Deckard .Who’s the Blade Runner of the movies title. Whose job it is to eliminate or “retire” illegal trespassing robots on planet Earth. When some time in the future, robots or, here in this movie called: ´Replicants’ on account of these humanoids only being allowed as off-world slave colonists…, If caught trespassing on mother Earth are punished with death by  Blade Runner cops like Deckard.’He say you  Blade Runner Mr. Deckard?’ Who is brought out of his own retirement by his old boss as his boss encounters a particular serious problem of which only Deckard can solve. Whose job it is to retire these illegal trespassing Replicants. Possible moral questions relating to cyborg-android-robot relationships with their original creators and models, man are raised in this thought provoking movie. Other philosophical and theological quasi-religious questions pertaining to the morality of immortality are raised in this as already stated, thought provoking science fiction movie classic Which is all about the future of life (but maybe not as we know it Jim!) on planet Earth Here set post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, America were given a glimpse at planet Earth’s inevitable future. Which  is likely to be dominated by complex computer based technologies culminating in the advanced stages of humanoid creation of men like robots capable of all human actions. Including calculative computations, man like imaginative cognitive behaviour, both memories and dreams, philosophical self awareness and ultimately their own Artificial Intelligent lead emotional responses.
God creates Man, we are told: in His own image. Man kills God. Then man creates Robots in his Image. With similar results seem towards the climax of this spectacular movie.
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The British Empire Bites Back

We have now entered a new era or what president Kennedy called The ” New World Order.”

Imperialism has come to an end, including many former European colonies of not only the British Empire but of Spain Portugal France the Netherlands and Germany that saw communist Russia and the Americans gain duel status as the only two world superpowers at the demise of European colonialism and regal kingships of the former rulers of Europe and world affairs.

Let’s examine then the effects of the two world wars of the twentieth century and the result of  the collapse of  European colonialism.W What was the end result for victors of the two world wars of the 20th. Century? What did this do for its victors; Britain and America? What did the Russians gain by their glorious victory in the East? What was the effect on Post WWII geopolitics after Hitler and the Japs had been completely destroyed? What happened to Europe after 1945? Who controlled Asia and Pacific now? Who were the winners and losers of the Two World Wars and what was the effect on European and British Empires around the world?

Well Germany was completely destroyed. The Jewish race in Europe was nearly completely wiped out in a mass murder of its innocent peoples in Hitler’s and the Nazi’s ‘Final Solution.’ Where six million were either shot, gassed or starved to death in the concentration camps mostly in Eastern Europe. Such as the infamous and evil ‘Death Camp:’ Auschwitz (near Krakow in Poland).

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