Selective Subjective Semantics

Told this drinking pal local yokel mate once:
“You should read more my mate ..’there’s more to life than books’ they say.. ‘but, not much more’ not saying copy me my mate, no!”
‘But, do try to study something. Like a good book or a classic novel.’
‘The dictionary, funnily enough is a great way, well it was for me personally, a good start to learn about the English language – literature etc.’
‘You could even end-up studying at a good university in England or Scotland. Studying something like architecture, or English literature or even something really interesting like semantics!’
He looked on completely bemused..
Semantics ¬!!?’ he asks ..,
‘Whats that words means??!!’
‘Exactly!’ I said .. ,
 ‘You’re more intelligent than I first imagined ?!’
Wrongly congratulating the gob-smacked knob-head


Every Day Is Like Sunday – Morrissey

James Dean

Written about and whilst Mozzer was stranded in/ at/ on Morecombe bay, 1000 holes, Lancashire, England in 1990. Every Day Like Sunday is Morrisseys 1st and in my opinion, best solo effort.
‘The Last of the Truly ‘Famous’ International Playboys’ was evidently having his very own personnel Armageddon come down from grandeur.., like many of us at that time in this fabulous song.  Personally my favourite of all Smiths/ Morrissey songs.
Whom was once front-man of the very northern England band The Smiths., And as it’s English heart/ Irish blood band members like the amazing Johnny Marr on lead guitar and Irish stout Guinness, only for those whom have acquired the taste. The original and, in my modest yet quite well informed opinion on this subject matter, the best of a very long standing list of the BBB (Best British Bands) extremely and very well respected by those that or are in the  know about such things, the best Manchester and English indie band of the 1980s. And, for now, ever.
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