maxresdefaultAs we in the West celebrate and pay tribute to the remaining veterans, possibly for one of the last times, of ‘Operation Overlord’ the invasion of Normandy, the 6th. of June 1944,  which took place 75 years ago today..,  let’s look back and see why many historians of world affairs include this as an extremely important episode in the fight against the pure destructive evil force of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi war machine. And why if not for the sacrifices made by so many Allied troops and considered so acutely important the Allied leaders and their military advisers planned the largest land, sea and air combined military operation the world has ever seen so meticulously and with such amazing fore thought and brilliance that nothing was left to chance and everything, well nearly everything as a consequence went exactly as it were planned.
An outstanding successful military operation that even today we here in the West 75 years on, democracy and freedom still thrives here in the UK and in most of Europe and the rest of the democratic nations of the modern world (be it often threatened) ‘So much owed by so many to so few.’

D-Day invasion map 6th of June 1944

I visited Normandy during the 70th anniversary of D-day and the invasion of the Normandy beaches 5 years ago. My mother, God bless her soul, treated me to an all expenses paid trip of a lifetime to see the battlefields around Caen, Bayeux and the Normandy coast.The beaches of Normandy is where on June the 6th., 1944, the British, American, Canadian, French and Polish troops stormed into Europe in an invasion that included 3 million men and 100’s of 1,000’s of 1,000,000’s of dollars worth of equipment in what was history’s most ambitious battle and the biggest ever amphibious and aerial invasion the world has ever seen.It became clear on my trip to France, clear that the ‘Invasion of Normandy’ – ‘D-Day,’ the 6th. of June 1944, was Britain’s and America’s finest moment in military history.
Epic! Historical! Legend!
It will be told for centuries as the time when the English speaking world made its dramatic entrance into Europe and displayed its ultimate superiority and dominance in both military action and economic might.

German SS HMG - Heavy Machine Gunner soldiers in typical 1944 combat battledress
German SS HMG – Heavy Machine Gunner soldiers in typical 1944 combat battledress

The poor bloody Germans! We totally annihilated them! We completely outwitted the foolish Prussian and German Generals.

‘The Desert Fox’ – Rommel

Erwin Rommel: The Old ‘Desert Fox’ was completely checkmated in minutes by Eisenhower and Montgomery. It was strategically and militarily a superb success. From the very outset of D-Day, 6th of June 1944, we had the upper hand.

6th. June 1944: ‘Pegasus Bridge,’ Normandy, Northern France.
The very first troops in. Three British Horsa gliders crash land onto marshy backwater land adjacent to the bridge over the river with pinpoint accuracy. Even pitching the nose of the first lead Horsa glider right under the barb wire perimeter defences surrounding the heavily guarded and really important strategic location. The British soldiers took the key strategic ‘Pegasus Bridge’ in just minutes, and held on to it for all of the next day, until they were relieved by the English and Scottish seaborne troops. Who landed on Sword beach many hours later.

The three British Horsa gliders with the distinctive B&W striped markings 6/06/1944 at Pegasus Bridge, Caen Normandy
The three British Horsa gliders with the distinctive B&W striped markings crash land at 0000 hours 6/06/1944 at Pegasus Bridge, Caen Normandy

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The British Empire Bites Back

We have now entered a new era or what president Kennedy called The ” New World Order.”

Imperialism has come to an end, including many former European colonies of not only the British Empire but of Spain Portugal France the Netherlands and Germany that saw communist Russia and the Americans gain duel status as the only two world superpowers at the demise of European colonialism and regal kingships of the former rulers of Europe and world affairs.

Let’s examine then the effects of the two world wars of the twentieth century and the result of  the collapse of  European colonialism.W What was the end result for victors of the two world wars of the 20th. Century? What did this do for its victors; Britain and America? What did the Russians gain by their glorious victory in the East? What was the effect on Post WWII geopolitics after Hitler and the Japs had been completely destroyed? What happened to Europe after 1945? Who controlled Asia and Pacific now? Who were the winners and losers of the Two World Wars and what was the effect on European and British Empires around the world?

Well Germany was completely destroyed. The Jewish race in Europe was nearly completely wiped out in a mass murder of its innocent peoples in Hitler’s and the Nazi’s ‘Final Solution.’ Where six million were either shot, gassed or starved to death in the concentration camps mostly in Eastern Europe. Such as the infamous and evil ‘Death Camp:’ Auschwitz (near Krakow in Poland).

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