Saving Captain and Private Bennets

Seems there’s more interesting stories in the Newcastle Staffordshire graveyard of Saint Margarets. ..

I stumbled upon this gravestone at the rear of the old ancient cemetery.

Seems we have there a gravestone that records the death of three brothers the Bennet family of Porthill during World War I  (1914 -1918). Two soldiers including Captain Bennet and his younger brother plus a boy of 15 or 16 in 1915.

Looks like their mother Mrs Bennet lost three sons during the First World War or Great War ..looks to me as if the first son may not have been recorded by His Majesty’s Armed Forces as the youngest killed early in 1915 is under age of military service personnel allowed .and like many young men at the outbreak of World War I joined up looking for adventure and glory.

Like my great uncle killed in 1918 serving with the Nottinghamshire Rifle regiment who joined up, maybe like Mrs Bennets youngest son, at 15 years of age.

As falsification of ID was not rigorously controlled by the recruiting officers at the time of the WW1. The Bennets of Porthill Newcastle Staffordshire may have lost three sons.

Captain Bennet towards the end of the war and his younger brother killed on Hill 40 probably during one the of battles of the Ypes salient in Flanders around 1916 -1917. As well as a third under age son possibly their kid brother early in the war in 1914 – 1915.

If so we must acknowledge this sacrifice officially if the history records show this to be so or I’m right in my assumptions? !