Selective Subjective Semantics

Told this drinking pal local yokel mate once:
“You should read more my mate ..’there’s more to life than books’ they say.. ‘but, not much more’ not saying copy me my mate, no!”
‘But, do try to study something. Like a good book or a classic novel.’
‘The dictionary, funnily enough is a great way, well it was for me personally, a good start to learn about the English language – literature etc.’
‘You could even end-up studying at a good university in England or Scotland. Studying something like architecture, or English literature or even something really interesting like semantics!’
He looked on completely bemused..
Semantics ¬!!?’ he asks ..,
‘Whats that words means??!!’
‘Exactly!’ I said .. ,
 ‘You’re more intelligent than I first imagined ?!’
Wrongly congratulating the gob-smacked knob-head


Pulp in Fictions

The gritty, extremely violent very funny and as cool as ‘Fonzy’ on Happy Days movie Pulp Fiction. A day-in-the-life story of downtown LA’s white trash and gangster community.

Made in 1994 and co-written and directed by the multi-talented Quinton Tarantino. The best film (in my opinion ) of the 90’s. With an extremely realistic witty screenplay/ script amazingly cool and funky film-score, classic ‘Film Nior’ inspired cinematography and directing and brilliant very memorable performances from it’s all star cast.
A non-chronological American movie masterpiece. A very violent, witty and extremely realistic film due to it’s brilliant dialogue that uses the modern day common language of LA’s underworld gangsters and hit-men as well as downtown LA’s white trash community. Who are all living and trapped in a hellish dog-eat-dog world of day-light robbery hardcore class A drug abuse / dealing,. cold blooded sadistic murder and sexual perversion.

Shot as a ‘Film Nior’ based movie, the French film critics loved it and so awarded this film: ‘Pulp Fiction’ a modern day movie classic.
One of the last great Hollywood American movies.pulp fiction art GIF by hoppip