The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me ..,

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

— Izaak Walton
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Pulp in Fictions

The gritty, extremely violent very funny and as cool as ‘Fonzy’ on Happy Days movie Pulp Fiction. A day-in-the-life story of downtown LA’s white trash and gangster community.

Made in 1994 and co-written and directed by the multi-talented Quinton Tarantino. The best film (in my opinion ) of the 90’s. With an extremely realistic witty screenplay/ script amazingly cool and funky film-score, classic ‘Film Nior’ inspired cinematography and directing and brilliant very memorable performances from it’s all star cast.
A non-chronological American movie masterpiece. A very violent, witty and extremely realistic film due to it’s brilliant dialogue that uses the modern day common language of LA’s underworld gangsters and hit-men as well as downtown LA’s white trash community. Who are all living and trapped in a hellish dog-eat-dog world of day-light robbery hardcore class A drug abuse / dealing,. cold blooded sadistic murder and sexual perversion.

Shot as a ‘Film Nior’ based movie, the French film critics loved it and so awarded this film: ‘Pulp Fiction’ a modern day movie classic.
One of the last great Hollywood American movies.pulp fiction art GIF by hoppip